When was the last time you performed a charitable act?

Today I had an interesting experience, one I haven't had in a while. As I was walking out of Tim Hortons, I encountered an elderly man who I had seen several times before, begging on the sidewalk. We struck up a conversation and I ended up giving him the change in my wallet. It really only amounted to about $2.50 but his smile when he got it was definitely worth it.

And as I reflected, I realized it's been a while since I performed a charitable act. Especially one where I got to see immediate results.

And it just so happened, that today was a good day to achieve some perspective.

Sometimes it's easy to forgive to give, even when you work in the nonprofit industry. I worked at an organization where very few of the staff donated to the cause. Somehow the thought was that by working there, they were contributing enough.

So I pose a question, when was the last time you performed a charitable act? Was it a donation or volunteering? And was the experience good or bad?

Share your thoughts below.

And if it's been awhile, consider making a charitable contribution today.


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