Lindsey Patten educates nonprofits on how to improve their communications and increase their brand awareness. A vibrant and dynamic speaker, Lindsey makes every presentation interesting and engaging. Lindsey customizes each presentation to suit the nonprofit and believes that collaboration and discussion help everyone learn better.

Speaking Topics

Lindsey speaks on topics ranging from newsletters to writing for the web to social media. Here are a list of example speaking topics to get you started, however these are by no means the extent of topics available.

Nonprofit Social Media 101
Social Media is the latest buzzword that is changing the way we communicate. But how is it useful to nonprofits? And more importantly, is it useful to your nonprofit? Learn what tools work best, the social media terminology and the steps it takes for your nonprofit to get social media success.

Strategy and Social Media
Social Media isn't just about signing up for a Facebook account. It's important to have a strategy in place to ensure that your message reaches your audience in the best way possible. Learn how to build a strategy, avoid social media pitfalls and become successful with social media tools.

Writing For the Web
Is your website stale? Then you need a content overhaul! This session will offer real tips and tricks to help you make your content engaging as well as increase your audience and support. We’ll examine what works on the internet and what doesn’t as well as the essentials of web writing! Learn how to craft compelling messages, structure your web pages and draft a strong call to action.

Improving Online Giving
Do you want to make the most out of your online giving program? Learn how to improve your navigation, develop a strong donation form and create a clear and succient call to action that will encourage more online giving. Also discover what offline tricks can improve your online giving.

Creating the Perfect Newsletter
A newsletter is a great way to showcase your work to donors. But what works and what doesn't? Learn the difference between print and online, discover what absolutely needs to be included and debate what should be removed.

And More!
If you are interested in something but you don't see the specific topic here, send me an email. I customize presentations to nonprofits whether you are two people or two hundred.

If you are interested in having me as a presenter, please send me an email at lindsey@lindseypatten.com


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