When Twitter Becomes a Distraction

How many people find themselves constantly distracted by Twitter every day? Is it stopping you from doing actual work?

The answer is Yes and No.

Twitter definitely has potential to make your organization shine. It's a great way to get your news out there, meet with donors and solicit donations. You can discover what people think about you and get a real sense of your community.
That being said, Twitter can sometimes become a distraction that takes you away from other important things.
How did this happen to me? Well, as a writer, I am constantly at the computer, working on projects for clients, blog posts, articles and more. My use on Twitter has exponentially grown. I have 85 followers and I am following 118.
That's alot of people to follow! As a result, I got an application called TweetDeck which allows me to sort my followers by category, making it easy to manage. This is a great tool and I highly recommend it. However... it makes a little 'ding' noise every time you get a tweet. Useful? Maybe. Annoying? Yes, especially since the people I follow tweet alot during the day.
I eventually had to shut it down during times when I was writing so I could concentrate.
It's important to balance the time you spend on Twitter, actually using the tool the way you need to use it. Really examine your time at the end of the day and assess whether that time you spent on Twitter was worth it.


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