The Communications Triangle

In a previous blog post I talked about connecting with your donors, and it will be a subject that is brought up over and over again. Connection, along with vision and voice, is one of the main aspects that make a great communications piece.

Therefore, I present the Communications Triangle. It's pretty simple to understand, but at the same time, realistically it can be hard to achieve all three sides of this triangle.

So what do I mean by each of these?


Before you start any communications piece, you need to address the matter of vision. What do you want to achieve from this project? What impression do you want to make? What are your goals from this communication piece? It's important to determine these areas, so that your vision can be fully realized.


What are you trying to say with this communications piece? Who is it coming from? Are you being statistical or sentimental? And does your voice match with your target audience?


Who is your audience and how can you connect with them? That is the ultimate question. Whether it's through sharing stories, sharing facts about the organization or more, remembering to connect is one of the most important things you can do.

It's important to remember to have each of these pieces in equal measure. Only then, will you have a great communications tool!

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