Twitter: One Thing New

I discovered over the weekend that I have 85 followers on Twitter. Although that seems fairly impressive (at least to me anyway, I know people have hundreds), I realized that I barely knew any of them. Yes, a few of them are my friends or various people I met, but the majority of them I don't know too much about. So I'm on a quest to learn something new about all of my followers.

I read a blog post last week (lost the link otherwise I would share) that was talking about connecting with your followers and learning something about them.

So I thought I would do the same! Starting Monday, I will be asking my followers to tell me One Thing New about them.

I will keep you updated on my progress on Twitter and on the blog.
I encourage you to find out One Thing New about your Twitter followers and share it on this blog or on Twitter.

I will be using the *hashtag #onethingnew so feel free to post using that as well! Let's see how many new things we can learn about our followers!

*What is a hashtag? That's a tag that you can add on your Twitter message that groups messages together. You can then click on it and see everyone else who has posted with the tag as well.


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