Twitter: Learning from other non-profits

Picture this: You have successfully pitched the idea of social media to the board, everyone responded well and you've signed up for a Twitter account. You sit down and then......what do you write?

Sometimes it can be hard to determine not only what you should write, but the tone of voice you should use on Twitter. Questions immediately become raised such as: How many times should you ask for donations on Twitter? What crosses the line into spamming? What other things should you post?

I offer up the great article 26 Charities and Non-profits That Tweet.

Rather than reinvent the wheel yourself, look at what popular charities are doing. What news are they sharing? How are they conversing with donors? Learning from others can be beneficial, especially with something like Twitter that you may not be too familar with. This way you can get your message out in the best way possible.

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frank said...

Great point. there are so many nonprofits out there doing cool things on Twitter.

I love that article on Mashable. Very nice to see a large site like that show the love to the nonprofit world!

I'd also add that sometimes nonprofits just need to jump in and go for it. don't worry about the 'right' way to do things ... just go use the free tools available to you, share your story, engage people, show the love to others and at the end of the day you will have learned something.

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