Setting Up A Non-profit Newsletter Pt 2

Setting Up a Newsletter Part 2

The last post was about the message you wanted to send, this is going to focus on design and style.

When looking at possible designs for your newsletter, you need to ask yourself:

1. Does the design enhance your message or hurt it?

While it's nice to have a shiny newsletter, the more flash you add to the newsletter, the more the message gets lost. It's good to have a sharp, clean newsletter that conveys the exact meaning you want it to.

2. Does the design reflect your brand?

It's important that your newsletter be cohesive and fit with the rest of your communication tools. It should have a similar look and feel to your website, brochure, etc and definately feature your logo and slogan.

3. Is the content laid out in a simple, easy to read manner?

Your newsletter should have text that is easy to read. Keep in mind fonts, size, colour and more. A good way to test this is by giving your newsletter to someone who hasn't seen it before and hearing their thoughts.

All of these things should help your newsletter be effective.


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