Setting Up a Non-profit Newsletter Part 1

Setting Up a Newsletter Part 1

I'm in the process of setting up a newsletter to accompany my website and this blog and wanted to share my process. I'm the type of person whose brain is usually on step five before I start step one. But there are many things to consider before setting up a newsletter.

1. Who are you intending the newsletter for?

It's great if all your friends and family sign up, but if the newsletter isn't reaching your target audience. For instance, this newsletter is geared towards small businesses and non-profit organizations. And while I did send out emails to family and friends in case they knew of anyone who needed it, the more targeted email will be to my target audience.

2. What do you want the newsletter to do for you?

A newsletter can do many things for you. It can get people to sign up for things, visit your website and more. Make sure that you are aware of what you want your newsletter to do and make sure the functionality is there. So if you want people to visit your blog, make sure you have a link to your blog.

3. How are distributing your newsletter?

Email or print? Either way, make sure that you have a database set up that is conscise and correct. You need to ensure that people's data is correct as well as secure.

4. What's your message?

What do you want to say in this newsletter? Sit and brainstorm ideas on a pad. And not just ideas for one issue, but for multiple issues to come. You want to make sure that everything is consistent. How many articles? How long should it be? These are important things that you must decide before setting it up.

*check tommorrow for part 2 of Setting Up a Newsletter


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