How Susan Boyle Can Inspire Great Content

For small nonprofits, it can be worrisome when there isn't the budget to create fancy ads like the bigger nonprofits do. It may be a plain envelope for a direct mail campaign instead of a stylized one or a note on your website rather than a television ad.

It can be a struggle to stand out in the sea of glossiness. But sometimes it is forgotten that the content is as important, if not more than the packaging. Yes, good packaging is important but your message is more so.

Many of you have probably seen the video of Susan Boyle, a contestant on Britain's Got Talent who blew the judges and audience away with her performance. What was so special about her? She wasn't glossy at all. In fact she was an average, older woman who was subject to those laughing at her for her appearance before she opened her mouth.

But when she opened her mouth, they definitely stopped laughing.

Be inspired by this when it comes to your own content. Yes, packaging is important because it gets your donors' and prospects' feet in the door. But make sure your content is as passionate, inspiring and engaging as Susan Boyle was.

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John Lepp said...

The clip that is circulating the globe... great tie in to the importance of content Lindsey!

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