Five Ways to Improve Your Online Giving

Online giving is steadily becoming a major part of any nonprofit's fundraising campaign. But it's not just about slapping a donation button up and calling it a day. What are ways to improve your online giving?

Here are my top five:

1. Improve Your Donations Page
I've seen so many donations pages on nonprofit websites that are hard to navigate and down right confusing. If it's difficult to donate, then people won't go through with it. Having a clear and concise page will make it easier for people to donate.

2. Improve Your Thank You Process
It's important to examine your process with online donors and ensure it's up to snuff. Are you thanking them in a timely manner? Do they get an e-receipt or do you have to mail it to them? Making it quick and easy will encourage people to donate again.

3. Cross Promote Online Giving
Just having the page up there isn't going to magically bring in donors. Make sure your promote online giving in your brochures, direct mail campaigns and more.

4. Develop Email Campaigns
Email campaigns are a great way to improve your online giving. Even if it's just a short note to your donors telling them of an event or sharing program news. Linking back to your donations page will help improve your online giving.

5. Invest in Social Media
There's been a lot of buzz about social media and whether it works for nonprofits or not. I think there is potential in social media for nonprofits, but only if they use it to truly connect with their donors. Try raising online funds through Twitter or Facebook. This will improve your web presence and drive traffic to your site.

I doubt direct mail will ever go away, but as more and more people turn to online giving, it's important that you be prepared for them.


Debra Askanase said...

Hi Lindsey, I agree with all of this, with a few comments:
1. An organization can certainly have an online giving page, but it should also be front and center on the home page, blog page and all social media profile pages.
2. I'm linking to an article I wrote about charity: water's thank you note that they sent to all their donors. It was really inspiring. I'll put it in the "links" section below and also on the Linkedin group from which you linked this article. Curious what you think?

Debra Askanase said...

Hi Lindsey, I've posted it on the Linkedin group and below. Curious what you think?

(I don't usually link to my own posts, as I know it's poor etiquette, but I do think it's relevant to your post. I appreciate your understanding.)

Lindsey said...

Yes Debra, I completely agree! After I wrote the article, I wanted to amend things.

And great comment about charity water. It's definitely inspiring considering the amount of people who contributed.

This is the direction we need to be going.

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