Learning from the mistakes of others

Social media tools like Facebook and Twitter are changing communications, however it's important to remember that like any public thing, you should be careful what you say.

A National Post reporter and a marketing professional got into a cat fight on Twitter. Their fight was displayed for all to see and neither of them ended up looking quite professional, in my opinion. This is a perfect example of how widespread information is on the internet.

It's so important to be careful with everything you say and when and how you choose to say it.

If you have a Facebook or Twitter account that is personal, then ensure that you don't mix business in along with it. If you have a business account, keep it that way. That doesn't mean you can't share facts about yourself and your day; just remember who you are writing for.

I've struggled with finding the balance on Twitter between serious business and fun. I would recommend putting together a creative brief or strategy about what tone you want to set and topics you want to comment about. This will serve as a guideline of sorts that you can reference when needed.


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