Client Stories on the Web

I've had the recent opportunity to assess a number of nonprofit websites recently and I have noticed a trend. Whether good or bad, many of these websites have something missing that is glaringly obvious: client stories.

Most impart their mission and vision, talk about the programs they offer but offer up no client stories.

What's so powerful about a client story?

A client story puts a face to your organization. It's often said that organizations don't raise money, people do. I truly believe this. Adding client stories to your website can only enhance your content and encourage donors to give more.

Think about direct mail. Charities will oftentimes use client stories as the anchor point for the intent of their letter. The same can be done with the web.

What about privacy?

It's a good question and one that you have to respect. If the client doesn't wish to have their name used, don't do it. But that doesn't mean you can't still share their story. Ask your clients if they would be willing, and if so, put it out there.

So put your client stories out there for your donors to see! I ensure you, you will receive more donations and more donors.

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