What to Tweet?

Twitter is a great site that lets you post short blog posts (called Tweets) to inform your donors about what your organization is up to. It's less time consuming then a blog and very easy to do.

But what should you say?

Twitter can be limiting because you only have 140 characters in which to get your message across. It's a great tool to help your writing become more clear and concise.

Here are some examples of things you should Tweet:


If you are having an upcoming event, list it in Twitter. But don't post it the day before the event. Make a series of posts several weeks ahead, enticing people to come. Don't forget to list the date and time and link to a page on your website with more information.


Share the latest news on Twitter, even if you think it's small. Did one of your programs get more funding? Did a client meet with success? Sharing these stories will inspire your donors.


When you are using Twitter, don't think just about your current donors, but prospects as well. Give facts about your organization so people can learn more. Remember to use simple terminology that everyone can understand.


Do you have a news release on your website? A new article? Use Twitter to drive traffic to your site by posting links.

Don't forget to Tweet everyday to keep your site active. And post your Twitter link on your website, at the bottom of your email signature and more.


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