How to Manage Your Communications

With all that you do, it's easy sometimes to forget about an avenue of communication that you had previously created. Your communication tools are like wheels; they need to be constantly moving in order to work. Managing all of it can sometimes be difficult and it's easy to let things slip.
So how do you manage everything?

It's important for you to assess all of your communications and determine what is needed and what isn't. If you have so many communication materials you can't keep track of them all, then you have too many. Too many things may confuse your donors as well. It's important to have a streamlined communications process that informs donors but doesn't bombard them with information.

Separate everything into different categories according to what needs attention. For example, your brochure once it's created and printed doesn't require a lot of upkeep until it's time to update. A blog on the other hand, needs to be updated constantly. This way you can always be aware of what is a priority.

Develop a schedule for each of your communications. A well planned direct mail campaign, for example will ensue higher donations then a hastily written letter.

Create a Master List
Post a master list of the various forms of communications you use on your wall/bulletin board, etc. This will help you be aware of the tools you use.
Communicating to your donors/clients is one of the most important things an organization or business can do. Having your ducks in a row makes all the difference.


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