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It can be difficult when you are putting together a newsletter to decide what content works and what doesn’t. It’s important to approach it from the mind of the donor. Think about what they want to read and what would inspire them to donate.

Here are a few tips:

1. Feature real people.
Facts and figures can only take you so far. Tell stories about your clients or better yet, let them have a voice of their own. And remember to include staff, board and volunteers.

2. Share your successes.
Don’t be afraid to share what you have accomplished. If you are proud of it, your donors should be too.

3. Be uplifting.
A newsletter has so much more impact when you focus on the positive. You can still highlight the need, but overall, position your newsletter in a positive way.

4. Keep it short.
Keep each article short and easy to read. Longe3r articles may disinterest some readers as well as clutter the page.

5. Make sure you have a soft ask.
What is a soft ask? A soft ask is when you don’t ask for a donation outright. The opposite is called a hard ask. An example of this is direct mail. In your newsletter, even though you aren’t asking for money outright, inspire so that people will donate anyway.

A newsletter is a great addition to a communications plan and will help continue your donors interest in the organization.

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