Twitter for Nonprofits

On to Twitter. What is Twitter do you ask and why does it have a funny name?

Twitter is a great little site that let's you post mini blog posts to let everyone know what you are up to.

But why?

Have you ever thought about connecting with your clients but the thought of a blog is too overwhelming? Try Twitter.

It gives you about 140 characters in which to write your message so you don't have to worry about creating a long blog post. You can display your twitter on your website and collect yourself some followers.


Yes, when someone whats to read all of your twittered info, they follow you. Then they can see all the posts you make. People can also sign up for an RSS feed and receive your posts through their email.

Twitter is a great addition to any blog or website. But it stands on it's own as well.

It's just another great communications tool that can be used to reach more people to tell them about yourself.

But don't forget to update it regularly!


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